Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


2010 - Year in Review

Amazing isn't it?  That the year has come to an end already.

I stopped making "resolutions" a few years ago and decided instead to focus on tangible goals and create a personal motto for how I live my life.  There's a difference between saying "I want to grow my hair" and saying "I want to retain 4" of length, stretch my relaxers to 10 weeks, and reduce direct heat."  The latter is more concrete and thus easier to track progress and recognize when you have achieved your goal.  My personal motto this year was "Live, and let live" and "To each their own."

My Achievements
One of my goals for 2010 was to start this hair blog and my youtube channel, so I can help women grow their own hair.  I am amazed at the growth of both website and I'm excited about what 2011 will bring.

In my very first post, I made promises for what the blog would offer to my readers.  I believe I lived up to those promises and hope you agree.

Then, I realized I needed to change the web address to  See the funny story below.

On a more personal note, I'm happy to say that I've also achieved two personal goals this year - take ballet and horseback riding lessons.  I danced ballet for several years when I was younger.  After not dancing for over 15 years, I was beyond excited when I got my split back.

I'm showing hubby one stretch we do in ballet class.

My husband planned a horseback riding activity for my birthday in 2009.  That was my very first time around horses and although I was a little scared initially, the thrill of riding (really, really fast lol) was incredible.  So I decided that I would take lessons in 2010.

My Shortcomings 
I wish I could say that all my goals were successfully achieved but the truth is they were not.  I like being as transparent as possible with you, my readers, so I will also share some of my shortcomings this year.

One major hair setback, although I didn't call it that at the time, was self relaxing.  The last time I self-relaxed, I lost an excessive amount of hair.  After looking at my progress pictures, I realized that each time I self-relaxed, I was slowly losing thickness.  Once I had that realization, I went back to my stylist Reniece.

Before my 5" trim. May 8, 2010

I also had some personal goals that I did not achieve this year.  I'll share more about those in my next post, where I will detail my goals and motto for 2011.

What are some of your achievements and shortcomings for 2010?  Did you live up to your potential this year?

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  I'm in Miami with my family and it has been non-stop laughter since I arrived.

Here's a fun video of my sister in Target on Christmas Eve.  She is mouthing the words of a kid's tantrum in the next aisle.  Hilarious.

By the way, she is natural (no relaxer and no color). She has been natural since 2005 and the last time she straightened her hair was 2009.

My Hair Today

I did a roller set last night and dried for 1 hour and 5 minutes.  The heat was set to 60 degrees celcius and my ears were on fire! LOL But I wanted to get it dry as soon as possible, so I covered my ears with paper towels and focused through.

After I removed the rollers, I flat ironed my edges and did 6 pin curls.  I didn't have time to take pictures in the morning, so I took pictures when I got home from the office.  This is how my hair looked at the end of the day.

Coupon Alert! Free Shipping Day

I'm on a roll today. :)

Today is free shipping day and over 1000 stores (including Sally's Beauty Supply,, and Sephora) are offering free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas.  Some stores offer free shipping on all orders, and some require a minimum purchase.  Click here to view the complete list of participating stores.

This is great for getting those last minute Christmas items.  Enjoy!

Coupon Alert!

Company - Carol's Daughter
Website -
Offer - Use the code Save40 to save 40% off plus get free shipping
Expires - Midnight on December 17, 2010

I don't use her products, so I don't plan to buy anything.  But, I always try to share money saving deals with you.  Please tell me what you get!

I am "Sick as a Dog"...

as the saying goes.

I know I promised to record a video with winter regimen tips.  Unfortunately, I now have the flu, and can't talk for more than 2 minutes without coughing up a lung.  My dog, Wisdom, is keeping me company, but he keeps trying to lick my ear.  I think he knows that I'm sick and is trying to make it all go away.  I'm too weak to fight against it, so while I lay on the couch he cleans my ear...hmm, was that too much information? Excuse me if it was, my judgment is altered because of the illness. 

Anyway, I'm taking meds and vitamins, drinking tea, gargling with warm salt water, slathering myself with Vicks vapor rub, washing my hands often, and sanitizing everything I touch.  I have all but quarantined myself, so I don't get my husband sick or reinfect myself.    

This will no doubt affect my Christmas hair plans, because I won't have the energy needed to blow dry and flat iron my hair.  Sigh.  On the up side, I will be in Miami for Christmas so the warmer weather should do me some good. 

Here's a random picture to make you smile.

Wisdom and Angel, the ring bearers at my wedding

Reader Mail: What do you think of sew-in weaves?

January 2006, my sew-in weave

I recently got an email asking about my thoughts on sew-in weaves.  Here is my response below:

Sew-in weaves can be a great option to protect your hair.  My stylist does sew-ins exclusively (with the exception of me and maybe one other person lol)  and her clients have had success with using them to retain length.  Check out her website for some progress pictures at

My only caveat is this - don't wear a sew-in at the risk of developing scalp issues.  My scalp will go crazy if I wait longer than 10 days to wash it.  With a sew-in you won't be able to wash your scalp thoroughly, thus its just not a great option for everyone.  This is why I prefer to wear wigs in the winter, because I can easily remove it and wash my hair. 

Feb 2006, Sew-in curled
If you won't have any scalp issues and decide to get the sew-in, keep the following in mind:
  • Make sure the stylist doesn't braid too tightly. If your eyebrows won't come down, or you feel like you've just had an instant face lift then its WAY too tight.
  • Ask the stylist to sew a weave mesh along the perimeter of your braided hair and then sew the weave onto the mesh instead of onto your braided hair. The threads can cut into your hair when sewn directly onto your braids.
  • You still have to moisturize your real hair under the weave (use a color applicator bottle to apply it between the tracks)
  • Don't wear it for longer then 6-8 weeks, any longer and you risk finding matted roots when you remove the sew-in
  • After you remove the sew-in, thoroughly detangle your hair and remove all shedded hair before you wash.  If you don't remove all the shedded hair, you will end up with a matted tangled mess that may require cutting to remove.  I don't mean to scare you but it can get that extreme in a matter of minutes.  


    To my surprise (and chagrin), it started snowing today.  I suspect that this was just an anomaly, and the snow probably won't continue past today.  Don't get me wrong, I love snow and seeing the seasons change.  But today caught be off guard.

    Winter officially starts on December 21, and I want to enjoy my hair as much as possible before I start my winter regimen.  That being said, I know that many of you already have consistent snow and severely cold temperatures.  To help those in that situation, I will make a video soon on my winter regimen.

    In order to make the video the most helpful, please leave a comment below and tell me what your biggest challenge is when it comes to winterizing your hair.   

    Countdown to Christmas

    I love Christmas. It is the happiest time of the year for me, because some of my best childhood memories are from Christmas in Jamaica. My family would have our own Christmas show at my grandmother's house. Complete with a play about the birth of Christ, dance contest, soda-drinking contest, beauty pageant, gift exchange, and lots of food.  

    One great thing about the holiday as a child, was that I got to try different hair styles. I don't recall ever getting my hair hot-combed growing up.  My mom pretty much kept it in styles like this one below.  I think I wore ribbons in my hair almost every day as a child LOL. 

    On Christmas day, I got to wear my hair down.  One of my aunts would set my hair so I could wear a curly style.  The curls usually didn't last because of the heat and humidity.  But for the 30 minutes that my style was on point, you couldn't tell me anything. 

    This Christmas I plan to wear curls since I wore a wavy style for Thanksgiving.  I'm thinking of using the Curlformers on flat ironed hair.  We will show how it goes.    

    Did you get to wear a special hairstyle as a child because it was Christmas?  What are your hair plans for this holiday?     

    Product Review: Mizani H2O Intense Nighttime Treatment

    Thanksgiving Hair Style

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  I had a great time full of fun, food, and more food.  Here are some pictures of how I styled my hair. 

    Me and hubby, Thanksgiving 2010

    Bantu knot results
    Here is how I achieved this style:  I washed, lightly blow dried and then flat ironed.  I flat ironed in big section 2"-3" thick with my Sedu 1 1/2" iron on 320 degrees.  Normally, I do smaller sections and lowest heat but to save time, I did big sections and higher heat.  I was able to flat iron my entire head in about 30-35 mins as opposed to 1 1/2 hours.  The downside to the faster flat ironing is that my roots don't get as straight.  The night before T-Day, I did 7 bantu knots.

    How did you wear your hair this T-Day?

    Reader Mail: Taking Setbacks in Stride?

    I got an email from a reader who is currently experiencing a setback.  She noted that I appear to have taken my setbacks in stride.  I want to share my response to her, in the hopes that it will help someone else. 

    "To be honest, I never took my setbacks in stride at the time they were happening lol.  Looking back I'm able to have more perspective. But in the midst of it, I obsessed over it, lost sleep, and sometimes cried.  The key is to not let the setback, hold you back from moving forward.  For me, it was more about allowing someone to do something that I KNEW was bad for my hair.  So I was more upset with myself, and felt I let myself down.  The great thing about pictures, is that I'm able to see improvement, so that encourages me and reminds me that I will bounce back.  I also got a lot of encouragement from the ladies on the hair forums.  At the time of my last setback, the ladies on KISS were wonderful and helped me to feel better.

    Look at this experience as a lesson.  Now you know that you have to speak up for your hair and don't let anyone break your hair rules.  The great thing about hair is that it will grow back.  I looked at your pictures and your hair still looks great.  Having perspective helps immensely.  It's like that saying "I was sad about not having shoes, until I met someone who had no feet."  Things could always be worse and you know how to make them better."   

    I didn't always take my setbacks in stride.  But I did learn from each experience and didn't make the same mistake twice.  This year I cut 7" of hair.  Rewind to two years ago, if I had to cut 7", I would have been devastated.  But now that I'm confident in my ability to bounce back from a setback, I finally can take things in stride.  It's a growing process (pun intended). 


    I'm so excited about this movie!  How can you not be?  Its an entire movie about one of the most famous heads of hair in fairy tales - Rapunzel!  My favorite character has to be the horse, Maximus, seen below. 

    I love horses, especially a horse with this much personality.

    If time permits, I'm going to see Tangled this weekend.  Who is with me? 

    Throwback picture - Thanksiving Hair 2009

    My sister was darling enough to email me some pictures from Thanksgiving last year.  To achieve this style, I used the smallest steam rollers on flat ironed hair.  I believe the smallest size is 1/2" or 3/4".  I used the same technique in this Wavy Hair Style video (but with larger rollers on air dried hair in the video).  This was a couple months after my wedding, so my hair was waist length at the time.  

    Me and hubby, day before Thanksgiving

    Me, hubby, and Wisdom on Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving Hair Plans

    I'm flying to Florida on Wednesday to join my family for Thanksgiving Day.  I'm beyond excited.  My family is a lot of fun, and I pretty much get to pig out on all the Jamaican food I want to my heart's content.

    Since the weather will be warmer and more humid, I'm debating about how to wear my hair.  I plan to wash my hair on Tuesday, but have yet to decide whether I should try to beat the humidity and flat iron, or embrace the increased moisture in the air and wear a curly style.  Last year, I threw in some small steam rollers for a wavy style that held up well without hair spray.  I suppose I won't really know the best option until I get to Miami and see just how humid it is.    

    How do you plan to wear your hair on T-Day?

    Hair Tip

    Now that the temperature is dropping and the air is getting drier, my hair is also more likely to feel dry.  So a few days after I wash, I skip the shower cap while showering.  My hair drinks up the moisture generated by the shower's steam.  I pin my hair up so it doesn't get wet.

    This is great if you're wearing a curly style like a braid out, bantu knot set or just wearing your natural hair.  However, I wouldn't recommend this if you're wearing a flat ironed style.

    Product Review: Goody Updo Maker

    A few weeks ago, I posted that I found a replacement for my claw clips.  Well, that didn't last very long.

    I've been using the Updo Maker daily since then, but now the coating on it is peeling.  I'm not sure whether the problem is the coarseness of my hair, or the oils I use that is causing it to peel. But now when I insert the Updo Maker, it no longer glides in smoothly and it feels like it will break or cut my hair in the process.  So now I have to find another way to pin my hair up while at home.

    Did this happen to anyone else? Any other suggestions?

    Product Review: Curlformers

    I washed my hair on Tuesday and decided to try out the Curlformers.  It was an impromptu decision, so I didn't record this time, but I'll use them again and do a tutorial.  I used 16 Curlfomers in the Long and Extra Wide size.  I bought them from Sally's a few weeks ago. 

    How I used this product:
    1. Washed, deep conditioned and lightly blow dried to about 95% dry (I was tired, so I didn't blowdry completely)
    2. Using the 8 sections I wash in, I split each section into 2 sections, and applied a Curlformer for a total of 16 Curlformers used.   I alternate the colors, so the curls weren't going in the same direction. 
    As you can see in the picture, I didn't apply the Curlformers close to my scalp.  There are two reasons for this: 1) I only wanted the ends to be curled, and 2) My hair is so long that if I start at my roots, the ends would stick out the bottom of the Curlfomers.

    Having the Curlformers on the ends of my hair, also allowed me to pin up my hair so I could sleep comfortably. 

    Hair pinned up in the back
    Front pinned up
    Covered with my silk bonnet
    Removed Curlformers
    My Experience
    The Curlformers were very easy to use and I was able to apply all 16 in about 30 minutes.  Since my hair was only lightly blow dried, the thickness of my hair posed a challenge to pull through the roller.  I can definitely see how not taking your time can cause damage and leave you with broken pieces.  I had minimal breakage which would easily be avoided if my hair was flat ironed or blow dried straighter.  I certainly would not be able to use the smaller width on lightly blow dried hair, because the opening is smaller, and would cause damage when I pull my thick hair through.  So I plan to use the Long and Wide on flat ironed hair only.

    I really liked the Curlformers and I'm looking forward to using them on flat ironed hair.  The curls didn't last very long (maybe a couple hours), but I think that's because I lightly blow dried.  My hair tends to hold curls better when I use higher heat.  So after I flat iron, my hair is more receptive to holding curls without using additional heat. 

    Test period - First time used.

    Like/Dislike? - Like.


    Reader Mail: How to find products outside the US?

    I received an email today from a reader that is having difficulty finding the products I use in the UK.  I want to share my response, because I believe it might be helpful to anyone who is having the same issue whether you live in the US or not. 

    "My suggestion is that you try to find products that have comparable ingredients in the UK.  I strongly believe that any well made product that is tailored to your hair needs (ex. moisturizing, if you need extra moisture; protein, if you need extra strength) will help you retain length.  The next time you see a woman with long hair where you live, ask her what products she uses.  You don't necessarily need products for type 4 hair in order to get good results.  In fact, the majority of products I use are not marketed for women with type 4 hair.  But hair is hair.  So as long as a product offers what you need, then it may work for you."

    If you still have difficulty finding comparable products or you are determined to find an exact product then try the internet. 

    The internet is a fantastic resource when looking for products.  Here are some things I've done in the past when looking for products:
    1. Search for the name of product you want.  This will likely find an online store that sells the product.  View their shipping info to see if they ship to your country.  If it doesn't state whether they do, then ask them.
    2. Search for the ingredients of the product you want.  Most products list their ingredients on the manufacturer's website.  So copy and paste the first 5 ingredients and run a search to find other products with the same ingredients. 
    3. Contact the manufacturer and ask them if they have distributors in your country. 
    I hope this helps.

    Need a bad hair day quick fix?

    Throw on a cute hat!

    That's simple enough.  My husband and I went to a Halloween party on Saturday and this is how I wore my hair.

    If you follow me on Facebook then you know that earlier this week, I had a horrible rain-induced bad hair day.  I never recovered from that the wretched day.  Okay, its not quite that dramatic.  Anyway, I didn't get a chance to wash my hair before the party, so I just lightly detangled, moisturized, and wore a hat.  I love this hat because its fully lined with satin fabric.  I need to get some more fully lined hats, because I love wearing hats in the autumn and winter.

    What's your bad hair day quick fix?

    Announcement: Unauthorized Use of my Photos

    Yesterday, I received several messages on YouTube and my blog alerting me that someone was using one of my hair pictures to endorse their website and hair products. My photo was not the only one used without permission, and this person had the audacity to even cover up watermarks on several of the photos.

    Screen shot of the website that used my photo without my consent
    I am not affiliated with this company or any company for that matter.  There are only two websites that I have authorized to use selected photos: and

    I notified Facebook of the copyright infringement issue and they removed my picture. I also sent a cease and desist letter to the scammer. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time this has happened and it probably won't be the last.  Going forward, I will be more diligent about watermarking my photos.

    There is a correct way to use someone's photo: ask permission and cite the proper image source.  Using someone's photo to endorse a product they never used is misleading and potentially fraudulent.

    I sincerely appreciate everyone who alerted me of the issue.  On a positive note, its funny how we can recognize each other based on a picture of the back of our head (LOL).

    Video Request: How I wash in braids

    My Hair Today

    I was so busy this weekend, that I didn't have time to wash my hair.  So I did 6 single-strand bantu knots and this is how it came out.  I meant to upload these yesterday, but the internet was being fickle.  I'm starting to notice a theme with me wearing bright colors on Mondays lol.  I used my phone to take these, so please excuse the poor quality.

    Is it just me, but do you feel like your hair is longer when it has curls/waves rather than when you wear it bone straight?  That's how I felt yesterday. 

    I love this scarf, I bought it while in Turkey

    On my driveway, before I left for the office

    [H]air Freshener

    I went to an engagement party this weekend, and after the party everyone went to the club.  I came home with the dreaded "club hair" smoke smell.  YUCK!  To combat the smell, I used the Aveda Reviving Mist.  I sprayed the mist above my head and let it fall onto my hair.  I prefer applying it this way rather than spraying directly on my hair, because the latter makes my hair feel wet.  In the morning, my hair smelled fresh and clean with no hint of smoke. 

    This is also useful for when you work out, and don't have time to wash your hair.  It really does a great job of deodorizing mild odors, while leaving a light lavender scent.  I vaguely remember buying this online a couple years ago at (but I'm not 100% sure).  

    Me and my husband at the party

    At the club

    Aveda Reviving Mist

    Claw Clip Replacement

    In my October Hair Update, I mentioned that my stylist noticed some breakage around the back of my head. I suspected that the breakage was due to the claw clips I used to secure my hair in a loose high bun while at home. To be safe I decided to stop using those clips, and today I bought the Goody Updo Maker as a replacement. It took some practice to get the hang of it, but I finally figured out how to get it to stay securely. I initially went looking for hair chopsticks, but couldn't find any at my Walmart. I like the simplicity and comfort of the Updo Maker.  I also have the Goody Spin pins, but I find the Updo Maker is easier to insert and remove.  

    Vitamins I take

    Cross Wrap: Another Option

    October Hair Update

    Relaxer and Hair Cut Pictures

    If you follow me on my Facebook Page, then you already know that I cut another 2" when I did my relaxer yesterday.  I'm very excited about getting my blunt ends back, and don't plan to trim at all next year.  That's the only way I will make my goal of waist length hair by December, 2011.  Here are some  before and after pictures.  My ends were not "terrible" by any means but I wanted to finish the year with blunt ends. 

    Blow dried hair - BEFORE cut
    Blow dried hair - AFTER cut
    Flat ironed hair

    Relaxer Prepping - Two days before

    My relaxer is in two days and this is what I did tonight to help prepare: I lightly detangled my hair, sprayed Sta-Sof-Fro to my roots/newgrowth, and heavily moisturize/seal. 

    Sta-Sof-Fro is an old school product that I remember seeing under the bathroom sink as a little girl.  It is very moisturizing, but too much can cause mushy hair (like the time I used it as a leave-in conditioner).  It does a great job of softening my newgrowth, so it will be more manageable on relaxer day.  I spray my roots two days before to ensure that my roots and scalp have enough time to dry completely before the relaxer application.  I buy Sta-Sof-Fro from Walmart. 

    My Hair Today

    This is how I wore my hair on Monday.  I did a one-strand bantu knot set (total of 6) on air dried hair.

    (Please excuse the shiny face, I just put on sun block)

    Relaxer Prepping

    My relaxer is scheduled for next Saturday and I'm so excited (and a little anxious to see how much I will need to cut).  Relaxer day is always so...relaxing LOL (pun intended).  Since I only go to a stylist for my relaxer, it is a welcomed break from doing my hair myself.  I get to sit back and let someone else have all the fun of doing my hair. 

    There are some things you can do before your relaxer to help you have a successful relaxer application.  Here is my plan for the next week:
    • Sunday: Chelate/clarify, reconstruct, deep condition, and air dry
    • Monday - Wednesday: Moisturize as usual but avoid scalp
    • Thursday: Gently finger part and spray StaSoFro on roots
    • Friday:  Coat length of hair with Chi Silk Infusion
    • Saturday: RELAXER and cut!!!
    I'll post details on Thursday and Friday for what I do that day and the rationale behind it.

    Who else is getting a relaxer next Saturday?  

    Fade to Black

    I'm so excited that autumn is officially here.  This heat has been unbearable lately and I'm looking forward to wearing scarves and boots this season. 

    One question I get asked often is whether I dye my hair and what brands I would recommend.  I have dyed my hair once in the past using a Wella demi-permanent color. But ended up having a mild allergic reaction, which my Allergist said was caused by the dye.  I've also used Jazzing rinses occasionally, but I end up missing my natural color and can't wait for it to wash out.  Then there was the horrible setback I experienced when I tried to color my hair black with henna and indigo. 

    I liked the Jazzing because it was easy to use and it didn't dry out my hair.  My mom uses the Wella demi-permanent and she loves how long it lasts and gives her full coverage (although she doesn't use the black color).  Fortunately for her, she didn't have a reaction to the color like I did.  Before you use ANY color, it is imperative that you do a test spot first.  Just because a product works for others doesn't mean it will work for you. 

    My natural hair color is a dark brown with a slightly lighter color around my temples.  Here is a picture of my hair when I used the Jazzing black rinse.    

    Photo taken June 28, 2009

    Get the look:  I used a 1" curling iron on blow dried and flat ironed hair.  I love wearing this style in the fall, so I'll be doing a tutorial on how I did it soon.  

    The Missing Link...

    After my mishap with the Mane n' Tail Detangler, I reevaluated what I did with my hair during the week.  Then I realized that an integral part of my regimen was missing.  You may already know that I usually apply extra virgin organic coconut oil to my scalp a couple times a week.  Well the past few weeks, I unintentionally stopped applying the coconut oil to my scalp. 

    How did that happen?  It's another case of having my products stored in several places around the house.  I have a 54oz tub of coconut oil that I keep in the upstairs bathroom.  I don't use the coconut oil straight out of the tub, rather I pour it into an applicator bottle and keep it in the master bathroom.  When I used up all of the oil in the applicator bottle, I completely forgot to refill it.  I didn't realize because I've been using my jojoba oil to seal after I moisturize.

    So last week I applied the coconut oil to my scalp and when I washed this weekend, I noticed a huge improvement in my hair.  My hair detangled much easier than it has been in the past few weeks.  The only reason I got the Mane n' Tail Detangler was to help me detangle my dry hair before I washed.  Well as it turns out, I was having difficulty detangling because I stopped applying the coconut oil to my scalp.  The coconut oil soften my newgrowth and makes detangling much easier. 

    This is a great example of how being consistent with your regimen is key to retaining length and avoiding setbacks.     

    My Hair Today

    After I washed my hair, I used the diffuser to help air-dry faster.  Then I did a two-strand bantu knot set.  This was at midnight, and I was too tired to take pictures or record video.  But I will do both in the future.  Here is how my hair looks after I took down the bantu knots. 

    This Weekend's Wash Day Routine

    Here is what I did today:
    1. Detangled,
    2. Clarified with diluted Elucence Clarifying shampoo (first time in a few weeks),
    3. Shampooed with Elucence Shampoo,
    4. Applied reconstructor, let it sit for 5 minutes, and rinsed,
    5. Applied Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner and sat under hair steamer for 25 minutes.
    I usually apply my reconstructor with my deep conditioner and sit under the hair steamer with both products in my hair.  However, the Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor directs that it should be used for up to 5 minutes.  On the other hand, the Elucence reconstructor directs to leave it in for 15 minutes.  So, I rinsed out the Aphogee before I deep conditioned. 

    There are times when it is okay to improvise with products, and then there are times when you should follow the directions.  With protein products it is a good idea to follow the directions.     

    After I rinse out the conditioner (yes, its still in my hair as I type lol), I'm going to air dry and either do a braid out or do bantu knots.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  

    Major Blog Overhaul

    I'm working on making some major changes to the blog to make it more streamlined, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  So I'd love to hear your thoughts!  What do you like and dislike about the blog now? Any suggestions?

    Having the Hair Blues

    I'm a little bummed about the potential setback caused by the Mane n' Tail Detangler.  I won't know for sure if it caused a setback until I do my relaxer next month and get my hair blow dried and flat ironed.  But I can already feel enough of a difference in my hair to know that something is not right. 

    It's very disheartening to experience a setback, especially when I used a seemingly harmless product that others have raved about.  This isn't like the time I used henna and indigo to color my hair black (LOL).  Now, that I knew was a risky change in my regimen.

    This will certainly affect any future products I try.  As if I wasn't paranoid enough about trying new products (LOL).  On the positive note, my short term goal of reaching waist length by December 2011 is still feasibly.  Even if I cut another 3" (rough estimate) in October when I relax my hair, I still have enough time to regain that length.  This is why its called my "hair journey."  I go through different phases and have ups and downs.  You might go through the same thing, so take heart, you are not alone.

    It's just hair, yet it's not just hair.  It's about setting goals and working towards them.  So like any goal in life that you fall short of, hair goals also have an emotional effect on you.

    Are you experiencing a hair setback?  

    Product Review: Mane n' Tail Detangler


    Product claims and suggested usage:
    • The solution for hard-to-comb hair
    • Provides a rich, luxurious shine
    • Hair becomes easily manageable
    • Restores lost moisture
    • Prevents breakage
    • Reduces split ends
    After showering, while hair is still damp, spray Mane 'n Tail Detangler liberally on hair. Work formula through, making sure it covers and reaches all of the hair. DO NOT RINSE OUT. Comb out hair with a large tooth comb or brush. Results are a super slip that allows hair to respond to styling effortlessly. Style as usual. If pump becomes clogged, run under warm water.  

    How I used the product
    I bought this detangler to use on my dry hair to help me detangle before I washed.   I also use it lightly after I washed my hair. 

    My Experience
    I experienced no real improvement in being able to detangle my hair.  To the contrary, I experienced excess shedding after the second time I used it.  My hair started clumping together while I washed and was coming out in knots.  I literally had to cut the shedding hair that was hanging down below the ends of my hair in order to limit breakage. 

    Since it was the only new product I used, I attribute the shedding to the detangler, but I also recognize that the seasonal change may have been a factor.  Granted, I didn't follow the directions exactly but I did also use it on my wet hair after I washed and didn't find that it helped detangle my hair very much.  I've also noticed a loss in the bulk of my hair and my hair feels straighter when wet than normal.

    I suspect that I may have had a bad reaction to something in the detangler.  It didn't occur to me at the time because I went 2 weeks without combing or washing, so I thought the shedding was the accumulation of 2 weeks worth of normal shedding.  However, if it were normal shedding, then my hair would not feel less bulky or straighter when wet, which is now does. 

    This is an example of how what works for one person, may not work for another.  I read great reviews on this product melting away tangles and leaving new growth soft and manageable.  Unfortunately for me, that was not my experience.    
    Test period - Four uses over the course of 3 weeks.

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