Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


Throwback picture - Thanksiving Hair 2009

My sister was darling enough to email me some pictures from Thanksgiving last year.  To achieve this style, I used the smallest steam rollers on flat ironed hair.  I believe the smallest size is 1/2" or 3/4".  I used the same technique in this Wavy Hair Style video (but with larger rollers on air dried hair in the video).  This was a couple months after my wedding, so my hair was waist length at the time.  

Me and hubby, day before Thanksgiving

Me, hubby, and Wisdom on Thanksgiving Day


killou.killou said...

What a cute couple!!
(sorry for my bad english...)

bayoucreole said...

Your pictures are beautiful. You two make one really handsome couple!

Anonymous said...

So precious! you guys look great together...

Anonymous said...

ooooh u guys r too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello je regarde ton blog avec plaisir, je trouve que tu soignes très bien tes cheveux, j'aime tes tenues vestimentaires..

Nora de Belgique


MsKibibi said...

Hi Nora,

I had to use Google translate to read your comment. I'll paste the translation for my other readers:

"Hello I look at your blog with pleasure, I think you very well cared for your hair, I love your dress.."

Thanks for supporting my blog.

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