Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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Thanksgiving Hair Plans

I'm flying to Florida on Wednesday to join my family for Thanksgiving Day.  I'm beyond excited.  My family is a lot of fun, and I pretty much get to pig out on all the Jamaican food I want to my heart's content.

Since the weather will be warmer and more humid, I'm debating about how to wear my hair.  I plan to wash my hair on Tuesday, but have yet to decide whether I should try to beat the humidity and flat iron, or embrace the increased moisture in the air and wear a curly style.  Last year, I threw in some small steam rollers for a wavy style that held up well without hair spray.  I suppose I won't really know the best option until I get to Miami and see just how humid it is.    

How do you plan to wear your hair on T-Day?


Anonymous said...

I am in Jacksonville Florida and the weather is wonderful...I am wearing a half wig protective style for Tday. I was inspired by your before and after photos and am trying to do this for 4 months. But however you decide to wear it be it straight or curly it would be safe and no doubt beautiful have a wonderful Tday!

miss priss said...

Miami is not that hot right now, its starting to cool down a bit, my straight hair lasts, have a great Tday!

MsKibibi said...

Thanks for the weather updates! Now I'm even more excited! lol.

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