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Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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Product Review: Curlformers

I washed my hair on Tuesday and decided to try out the Curlformers.  It was an impromptu decision, so I didn't record this time, but I'll use them again and do a tutorial.  I used 16 Curlfomers in the Long and Extra Wide size.  I bought them from Sally's a few weeks ago. 

How I used this product:
  1. Washed, deep conditioned and lightly blow dried to about 95% dry (I was tired, so I didn't blowdry completely)
  2. Using the 8 sections I wash in, I split each section into 2 sections, and applied a Curlformer for a total of 16 Curlformers used.   I alternate the colors, so the curls weren't going in the same direction. 
As you can see in the picture, I didn't apply the Curlformers close to my scalp.  There are two reasons for this: 1) I only wanted the ends to be curled, and 2) My hair is so long that if I start at my roots, the ends would stick out the bottom of the Curlfomers.

Having the Curlformers on the ends of my hair, also allowed me to pin up my hair so I could sleep comfortably. 

Hair pinned up in the back
Front pinned up
Covered with my silk bonnet
Removed Curlformers
My Experience
The Curlformers were very easy to use and I was able to apply all 16 in about 30 minutes.  Since my hair was only lightly blow dried, the thickness of my hair posed a challenge to pull through the roller.  I can definitely see how not taking your time can cause damage and leave you with broken pieces.  I had minimal breakage which would easily be avoided if my hair was flat ironed or blow dried straighter.  I certainly would not be able to use the smaller width on lightly blow dried hair, because the opening is smaller, and would cause damage when I pull my thick hair through.  So I plan to use the Long and Wide on flat ironed hair only.

I really liked the Curlformers and I'm looking forward to using them on flat ironed hair.  The curls didn't last very long (maybe a couple hours), but I think that's because I lightly blow dried.  My hair tends to hold curls better when I use higher heat.  So after I flat iron, my hair is more receptive to holding curls without using additional heat. 

Test period - First time used.

Like/Dislike? - Like.



Anonymous said...

Nice!! I am a curlformer veteran.... I promise you I don't use a blow dryer and the curls last me all day....even up to 3 days (with pin curls). I just spray each section of hair with a little water (makes it so much easier), put them in and air dry. I'll send you my pic/video if you are interested ;)

Anonymous said...

BTW my name is Veronica...I left the last message (curlformer veteran) ;) I know you don't need advice...I love your hair & you know what works for you! Just thought I'd share - using the water works like setting lotion, just a little misting or damp - works WONDERS on flatironed (after wash) or air dryed hair (after wash) Dries perfectly smooth NO LIE! Ok i'm done. =)

MsKibibi said...

Thanks for the tip!

Hairs2Me said...

I'm liking this a lot! has potential to motivate me to do a midweek wash and airdry :) Do you have the steam rollers? I wonder if this is similar.

1Romogirl said...

MsKibibi, I love your long full healthy relaxed hair and all your great informative videos on youtube and here on your blog. I love your curlformer results. So pretty. Just wanted to share my video with you and show you how to achieve a longer lasting curl with curlformers by the technic I use.
Your hair journey is such an inspiration. :0)

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