Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


How I Cross Wrap My Hair

Hi friends!

Cross wrapping is another option for wearing your hair to bed.  I rarely wrap my hair but when I do, I cross wrap rather than doing a regular "doobie" wrap.   I prefer to cross wrap my hair because regular wrapping makes my hair limp and it causes my hair to "bend" in the direction of the wrap.  The bend makes my hair look uneven or slanted from the back.  With cross wrapping there is also less tension applied to my ends and edges.

I hope this is helpful.  

Happy Growing.

First Contest Winner Announcement.

Thank you to everyone who entered my first contest.  I was amazed at the number of entries.  More contests will be coming soon.  Happy Growing. 

I used to select the winner. First, I removed the comments that were deleted by the user, then I verified whether the comments marked as spam were truly spam. Finally, I used the True Random Number Generator to select the page and entry number to find the winner. Using the range of 1 - 10 (there were a total of 10 pages with 10 entries on each page), it generated the number 3 (so I went to page 3) and the number 2 (so I picked the second entry from the top). 

First Contest!!!

Hair S.O.S. - "I did my relaxer and now my hair is breaking!"

I got a call from my best friend this morning about her hair and thought it would be helpful to share her experience and my advice to her (with her permission).  Here's a brief recap of our conversation:

T.J.: "My hair is falling out!"
Me: "What happened?"
T.J.: "I did my relaxer on Sunday with my usual relaxer, and now whenever I touch my hair it is breaking and falling out."
Me: "How many times did you neutralize and how long did you let the neutralizer sit on your hair?"
T.J.: "What's that?"
Me: "Uh oh"

The shampoo that comes with your relaxer is not a regular shampoo.  It is a low ph shampoo that stops the chemical process and restores your hair to its proper ph level.  A regular shampoo may not have a low enough ph to stop the chemical process.  Without neutralizing the relaxer, the chemical process continues until your hair reaches its breaking point and thus starts to break.

My suggestion to her was as follows:
  • Buy a neutralizing shampoo, a light reconstructor, and a moisturizing deep conditioner,
  • Wet the hair and apply the reconstructor for 5-10 minutes; rinse,
  • Apply the neutralizing shampoo and shampoo 2-3 times, making sure the shampoo is on the hair for atleast 5 minutes,
  • Deep condition with heat for 30 minutes,
  • Air dry and do low manipulation styles for the rest of the week.
I suggested applying the reconstructor before the neutralizer because until it is neutralized, the hair follicles are still open.  With the hair follicles open, the reconstructor is better able to penetrate the hair and deliver its strengthening benefits.  When I relax my hair, I apply the reconstructor and then neutralize.

If you realize that you do not have neutralizing shampoo or you run out before you can properly neutralize your hair, then vinegar can be used to neutralize.  However, I strongly suggest that you get neutralizing shampoo immediately, and thoroughly neutralize your hair.

It has been two days since she relaxed her hair without neutralizing it.  Hopefully, she does not suffer a major setback.  I will keep you posted on the progress of her hair.  I hope this is helpful.

Hair Tip - How to Revive Limp Hair

Here is a quick video on how to add body to limp hair.  I hope this is helpful.  

Don't you just hate it...

when "life" gets in the way of your hobbies? LOL

My hair is one of my hobbies and recent life events (i.e. my Birthday) have gotten in the way of me keeping up with my websites (and my hair for that matter). So here is a quick update:

  • YouTube Giveaway 
    • I had some difficulty finding the items for the giveaway but after visiting 4 different stores, I finally found what I was looking for (the stores were out of stock).  So I will post the giveaway video next weekend.  
  • Regimen 
    • I have been airdrying and doing 4 cornrows for a braidout style the past few weeks.  My husband randomly asked when do I plan to flat iron my hair again, so I'm taking that as a hint and will flat iron this weekend.  I'll record a video showing how I blow dry and flat iron my hair.  
    • I'm currently 5 weeks post relaxer and already see newgrowth.  I plan to relax at 10 weeks. 
  • Wig Blog Post Series
    • Since I cut my hair, I decided to buy another lace front wig that is shorter, rather than cut the lace wig I currently have.  I prefer to keep the length the same or shorter than my real hair.  This way, I don't experience length shock when going from a longer wig to my real hair.  I will continue the blog post series after I receive the lace front wig. 
I hope you are all doing well.  Happy growing and as always, I appreciate your support.