Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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How I Cross Wrap My Hair

Hi friends!

Cross wrapping is another option for wearing your hair to bed.  I rarely wrap my hair but when I do, I cross wrap rather than doing a regular "doobie" wrap.   I prefer to cross wrap my hair because regular wrapping makes my hair limp and it causes my hair to "bend" in the direction of the wrap.  The bend makes my hair look uneven or slanted from the back.  With cross wrapping there is also less tension applied to my ends and edges.

I hope this is helpful.  

Happy Growing.


Stephanie said...

Great video! I think I'm going to try your method of cross wrapping. I rarely wrap my hair because I don't like the tension.

Christine said...

Hey I love your videos it's very helpful. My hair use to me super long in grade school and begin to break off in middle school. Now my hair seem like it's trying to grow back and I know I need to get it trimmed but scared to because had a bad experience where she cut all my hair off. I want to know how would I know who would be the best person to go to get my hair trimmed? I want my hair just like yours lol.

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