Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


Don't you just hate it...

when "life" gets in the way of your hobbies? LOL

My hair is one of my hobbies and recent life events (i.e. my Birthday) have gotten in the way of me keeping up with my websites (and my hair for that matter). So here is a quick update:

  • YouTube Giveaway 
    • I had some difficulty finding the items for the giveaway but after visiting 4 different stores, I finally found what I was looking for (the stores were out of stock).  So I will post the giveaway video next weekend.  
  • Regimen 
    • I have been airdrying and doing 4 cornrows for a braidout style the past few weeks.  My husband randomly asked when do I plan to flat iron my hair again, so I'm taking that as a hint and will flat iron this weekend.  I'll record a video showing how I blow dry and flat iron my hair.  
    • I'm currently 5 weeks post relaxer and already see newgrowth.  I plan to relax at 10 weeks. 
  • Wig Blog Post Series
    • Since I cut my hair, I decided to buy another lace front wig that is shorter, rather than cut the lace wig I currently have.  I prefer to keep the length the same or shorter than my real hair.  This way, I don't experience length shock when going from a longer wig to my real hair.  I will continue the blog post series after I receive the lace front wig. 
I hope you are all doing well.  Happy growing and as always, I appreciate your support. 


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