Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


Product Reviews Coming Soon...

Hi friends,

As many of you know, I am very reluctant to make radical changes to my regimen because of the possibility of a setback.  Unfortunately, the products you use and love may not always be available.  Companies sometimes change their product formula and what you once loved might not give the same results with the "new and improved" formula. Or worse yet, a company might discontinue your staple product altogether.  Both instances have happened over the course of my hair journey, so I know the value in trying new products in moderation.  You always want to have an alternative product just in case. 

That being said, I'm going to start doing a Product Review feature.  The feature will detail the following:
  • Product claims and suggested usage,
  • How I used the product, 
  • Pros and Cons, and
  • Test period - Some products I will use for weeks before I give a review and others I will review after one use. 
I'm also open to suggestions for products to review.  Keep in mind that I will not try anything that I believe might compromise the integrity of my hair and hair goals. 

Stay tuned for my first product review...

Coupon Alert!

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Codes CAN be combined, and I do not know when they expire.  I used both codes last night and saved over $25.  I will do a haul video when my order arrives.

EEP! I ran out of conditioner.

I washed my hair this weekend and when I got to the deep conditioning step, I realized that I ran out of conditioner. 

How could that happen, you ask?  Well I usually buy conditioner 2-4 bottles at a time.  I stock up when Trade Secret has a buy one, get one free or 50% off sale.  The problem is that I keep my products all over the house.  I have the products I use daily in the master bathroom.  The products I use on wash day are in the laundry room cabinet, above the sink where I wash my hair.  Finally, I store my hair relaxer day products, "stock" items, and miscellaneous products in the bathroom upstairs.

Laundry room cabinet with wash day products (and my dog's grooming products)

Since there are 4 different cabinets where I store products, I assumed I had more conditioner somewhere else.  Lo and behold I ran out of conditioner.  I washed my hair at 10pm, and the stores were closed.  So I decided to mix the last bit of Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner with an old favorite - Cream of Nature Detangling Conditioner (I believe this has been discontinued, but I stocked up and had 2 bottles left).

My hair came out great, but now I need to stock up on my staple conditioner - Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner.  I hope one of the stores that carries it has a sale this week, soon.

New Hair Goal: Hip Length in 2012

Photo source unknown

I've been wrestling with the idea of growing my hair to hip length for some time now.  Reaching waist length was a major accomplishment, especially considering the countless setbacks I've experienced.  Having reached waist length, I'm confident that I can reach hip length in two years.

The great thing about setting hair length goals is that it forces you to track your progress.  Many of us are reluctant to take pictures of our hair because we either don't want to the face the truth about the current condition of our hair or we feel silly taking pictures of the back of our head.  I've experienced both emotions but am happy that I decided to take pictures of my hair because I have a sense of accomplishment when I compare pictures.  When I'm comparing pictures because of a setback, I feel encouraged that I can regain the length and/or thickness I lost.    

Will I keep it at hip length?  Well, that's a question for my future self to answer (LOL).  But for now, my long term goal is to grow my hair to hip length by December 2012.  My short term goal is to reach waist length by December 2011. 

Will you join me in setting both short and long term hair goals?  If so, take a starting point picture today and post it on the Coarse Hair Long Hair Facebook Page

Hair before Health?

Absolutely not!

I know for some women, there is a conflict between looking fabulous and getting sufficient exercise. But that doesn't have to be the case. You can maintain your overall health and grow your hair if you plan properly.

Personally, I find the gym boring, so I prefer to take classes (ballet, horseback riding) or play games (tennis) to get my weekly exercise.  Here are my suggestions for protective styling while exercising.

For cardio - Wear your hair in a loose high bun and secure with small claw clips. This is how I wear my hair for ballet classes and tennis.  I suggest a loose bun because it will allow your scalp to breathe and the sweat to dry faster.  Wait until your scalp has dried before you manipulate your hair.  This way you don't get sweat running down the length of your hair. 

For helmet activities (bicycling, horseback riding, etc.) - Wear a low ponytail and cover your hair with a silk/satin scarf. 
 My hair in a low ponytail, covered with a scarf to protect it from the helmet.

For swimming - Saturate your hair with water and cover with conditioner or shea butter.  After you swim, rinse your hair thoroughly and either do a conditioner-only wash or use a gentle shampoo.   Swimmers shampoo can be very harsh, so pay attention to how your hair feels after you use it.  You may find that its too drying.  Also, if you have the option of a salt-water pool instead of a chlorinated pool, opt for the salt water pool. 

I think of my hair as an accessory that enhances my appearance.  Hair should never be a hindrance to me living my life.  If you have an activity that you haven't tried because of your hair, please share it below and I'll try to suggest ways to protect your hair.  Health before hair. 

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