Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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Hair before Health?

Absolutely not!

I know for some women, there is a conflict between looking fabulous and getting sufficient exercise. But that doesn't have to be the case. You can maintain your overall health and grow your hair if you plan properly.

Personally, I find the gym boring, so I prefer to take classes (ballet, horseback riding) or play games (tennis) to get my weekly exercise.  Here are my suggestions for protective styling while exercising.

For cardio - Wear your hair in a loose high bun and secure with small claw clips. This is how I wear my hair for ballet classes and tennis.  I suggest a loose bun because it will allow your scalp to breathe and the sweat to dry faster.  Wait until your scalp has dried before you manipulate your hair.  This way you don't get sweat running down the length of your hair. 

For helmet activities (bicycling, horseback riding, etc.) - Wear a low ponytail and cover your hair with a silk/satin scarf. 
 My hair in a low ponytail, covered with a scarf to protect it from the helmet.

For swimming - Saturate your hair with water and cover with conditioner or shea butter.  After you swim, rinse your hair thoroughly and either do a conditioner-only wash or use a gentle shampoo.   Swimmers shampoo can be very harsh, so pay attention to how your hair feels after you use it.  You may find that its too drying.  Also, if you have the option of a salt-water pool instead of a chlorinated pool, opt for the salt water pool. 

I think of my hair as an accessory that enhances my appearance.  Hair should never be a hindrance to me living my life.  If you have an activity that you haven't tried because of your hair, please share it below and I'll try to suggest ways to protect your hair.  Health before hair. 


Anonymous said...

We have a trampoline and though it's great exercise, I sweat terribly. Will the high bun work for that as well. What about pilates? Thank you for all of your wonderful tips and tricks!

Anonymous said...

love this post so true, I like working out in the a.m to get it over worth, start my day right however I sweat alot in my head and I am already pressed for time in the a.m to get to work. my hair loks better when i work out at night since it has time to dry than co wash etc.. but after work- I don't want to work out- any tips

MsKibibi said...

Try out the high bun when on the trampoline but you might need to use 4 claw clips instead of two, and not make the bun too loose.


If you prefer to work out in the am, then you may just have to wake up a little earlier to have time for your scalp to dry, then style your hair. Another suggestion would be to wear 6 bantu knots (if you don't mind weird looks from people). The bantu knots will allow your scalp to breathe more than a bun, so it will dry faster. You can take down the bantu knots and finger comb to style. I plan to do a video on bantu knots soon, so that should be helpful.

Home Energy said...

For doing any thing in the spots or in any field hairs need to be taken proper health. Hence these should be taken care as they are written at here.

QuietOne said...

Nice article. I love that picture of you on the horse so much. I ride horses too!

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