Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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EEP! I ran out of conditioner.

I washed my hair this weekend and when I got to the deep conditioning step, I realized that I ran out of conditioner. 

How could that happen, you ask?  Well I usually buy conditioner 2-4 bottles at a time.  I stock up when Trade Secret has a buy one, get one free or 50% off sale.  The problem is that I keep my products all over the house.  I have the products I use daily in the master bathroom.  The products I use on wash day are in the laundry room cabinet, above the sink where I wash my hair.  Finally, I store my hair relaxer day products, "stock" items, and miscellaneous products in the bathroom upstairs.

Laundry room cabinet with wash day products (and my dog's grooming products)

Since there are 4 different cabinets where I store products, I assumed I had more conditioner somewhere else.  Lo and behold I ran out of conditioner.  I washed my hair at 10pm, and the stores were closed.  So I decided to mix the last bit of Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner with an old favorite - Cream of Nature Detangling Conditioner (I believe this has been discontinued, but I stocked up and had 2 bottles left).

My hair came out great, but now I need to stock up on my staple conditioner - Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner.  I hope one of the stores that carries it has a sale this week, soon.


Anonymous said...

ugh! dont u just hate when that happens... i use cheap condit for cowash and Nexxus for my DC. i make a list of all my hair products and buy based on what i need asap but if someone is having a sale then i dont buy according to my list.

Anonymous said...

what type of relaxer is best for thick hair like yours?

Lavendar said...

Elucence MBC is my HG conditioner, but lately I have been trying to find products that I can grab at the store. I'm tired of paying so much for shipping and for the inconvenience of waiting for shipments. I have been thinking of trying the Kenra condish. I know Elucence is made by the Kenra company. How would you compare the two?

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