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Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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Product Review: Mane n' Tail Detangler


Product claims and suggested usage:
  • The solution for hard-to-comb hair
  • Provides a rich, luxurious shine
  • Hair becomes easily manageable
  • Restores lost moisture
  • Prevents breakage
  • Reduces split ends
After showering, while hair is still damp, spray Mane 'n Tail Detangler liberally on hair. Work formula through, making sure it covers and reaches all of the hair. DO NOT RINSE OUT. Comb out hair with a large tooth comb or brush. Results are a super slip that allows hair to respond to styling effortlessly. Style as usual. If pump becomes clogged, run under warm water.  

How I used the product
I bought this detangler to use on my dry hair to help me detangle before I washed.   I also use it lightly after I washed my hair. 

My Experience
I experienced no real improvement in being able to detangle my hair.  To the contrary, I experienced excess shedding after the second time I used it.  My hair started clumping together while I washed and was coming out in knots.  I literally had to cut the shedding hair that was hanging down below the ends of my hair in order to limit breakage. 

Since it was the only new product I used, I attribute the shedding to the detangler, but I also recognize that the seasonal change may have been a factor.  Granted, I didn't follow the directions exactly but I did also use it on my wet hair after I washed and didn't find that it helped detangle my hair very much.  I've also noticed a loss in the bulk of my hair and my hair feels straighter when wet than normal.

I suspect that I may have had a bad reaction to something in the detangler.  It didn't occur to me at the time because I went 2 weeks without combing or washing, so I thought the shedding was the accumulation of 2 weeks worth of normal shedding.  However, if it were normal shedding, then my hair would not feel less bulky or straighter when wet, which is now does. 

This is an example of how what works for one person, may not work for another.  I read great reviews on this product melting away tangles and leaving new growth soft and manageable.  Unfortunately for me, that was not my experience.    
Test period - Four uses over the course of 3 weeks.

Like/Dislike? - Dislike.


Nadege said...

I tried this product also and found it to be mediocre at best. I like It's a 10 leave-in. It's a little pricey but it works pretty well. I don't use it as a leave-in all over the hair, I spray on tangles, work it through and move on.

Nix said...

I'm still a newbie at this Hair care but I found that using pure Aloe vera juice helps a lot with detangling. I use it after my DC as one of my leave in's (I also use it as my daily M&S). Maybe you could try and review it some day:)

Tina said...

Thank you thank you thank youu! I was going yo buy this product TOMORROW. I was soo afraid it was only hype tho. Another bandwagon. I have excess shedding whenever I change hair products or try new ones so u may have just saved my hair xD

MsKibibi said...

I'm glad this was helpful Tina. Thanks for the suggestion Nix and Nadege.

Tasha said...

I think that this product was average. I didn't notice any of the shedding problems but it wasn't as great a detangler that it's made out to be - at least for me. The best detangler I've used is the Nioxin Thermal Bliss. It's a lightweight leave-in conditioner, heat protectant, and detangler. It has many other great benefits as well.

MsKibibi said...

I actually use the Nioxin Thermal Bliss when I blow dry. I never thought of using it to detangle. Thanks for the tip.

Tee said...

Back in August I switched to Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In/Detangler and I love it. I tried M&T around the beginning of my journey and it was cool but not impressive. I feel totally impressed (at least for now) with KCKT, which can be found in Whole Foods if you have one near you. HTH

Mattie said...

HiMsKibibi, lately I've been using the Mane N Tail detangler and I work out find for me like you stated some products might work for other and and some might not. This is what I stress to alot of newbies on hair sites about hair products. But MsKibibi your hair is really looking good very inspirational to me.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of long dry fine hair that tangles like crazy. The Shielo Antioxidant Leave In Protectant is the best I've found yet. I find that most detanglers fall into one of two categories: effective but goopy, or ineffective and non-goopy. The Shielo Leave In is unlike these in that it is light, but ACTUALLY detangles. Still, I have to use a lot of it, especially near my scalp when I want to comb my hair in a different direction.

It is scented, but lightly so. Considering how much of the product I use, I am glad the scent isn't too strong.

Anonymous said...

I Have 2 daugthers with wavy hair... have used Mane and tail detangler for 2 months.. and It worked perfect for getting rid of the tangles.. actually makes it so smooth in no time.. However.. I started noticing that my girls hair looked very greasy (not good at all).. well.. I tried different things and at the end.. the product who was causing it is mane and tail.. Talked to my beautitian.. and forbid me to use it.. She is seen horrible cases with it.. where the hair totally gets ruin... Anyway.. Now Im trying to have my girls hair back to normal.. so do not believe the miracles that this product say it does.. IM PROOF that its not good at all...

Aloe vera said...

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