Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


The Search for the "Perfect" Wig

Hi friends!

Please excuse the short pause between posts.  I hurt my leg in ballet class, when a very limber 17-year-old assumed that I was a fellow limber 17-year-old.  I'm not as flexible as I was at 17, but I'm getting there.  My leg is doing better and I will be back in ballet class next week.

Let's play a game of Good news/ Bad news:

Good news - I recorded a video of my winter wash day routine!  WooHoo! I was excited and nervous and I'm sure the video will show both emotions.

Bad news - My camcorder's program decided it is no longer compatible with my laptop.  So I got a Mac.  The learning curve is fierce, but I expect to post my first video this weekend.

Now onto the subject of this post.

I have delved into the world of lace wigs and let me tell you, it is a world of its own.  I will share what I've learned with you, so we can learn together.  After the untimely demise of my last wig, I needed to get a replacement wig.  Instead of getting another synthetic lace front wig, I decided to invest in a human hair lace wig.  This purchase is an investment because as I learned, these things don't run cheap.

A good quality, human hair, lace wig can cost anywhere from $200 to $400+. The price depends on the hair type, density, lace type, length, and construction.  Here is a list of my requirements and my rationale:
  1. Durability - If I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of hair, it needs to last for YEARS.  Do I have high hopes? Perhaps. But I expect that with proper care, this wig will last for at least 3 winters.  
  2. Length - I want a wig that is the same length or a bit shorter than my real hair.  This way I can switch from my hair to the wig, without getting questions about whether I cut my hair. 
  3. Texture - I love textured hair, which is why I texlax my own hair rather than relax it bone straight.  Since I plan to wear the lace front as a half wig, I need my real hair to blend seamlessly with the wig.  
  4. Maintenance - I need a wig that only requires shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer.  Anything more and I might as well be doing my own hair. 
  5. Style - I need a wig that can be styled with heat, so I have the option and flexibility to change the hairstyle.  I plan to have fun with the wig - beach waves, spiral curls, braid outs, etc. 
Now that you know my requirements, next I will share what I learned about getting each one met.

To be continued...


    ladyequus said...

    My full lace wig is perfect for aid in
    growing my own hair for the winter. It helps me to keep my hands and mind
    off my hair until absolutely necessary
    I just started my hair growth project July 1, with relaxing. I won't do
    another til 10 wks.

    Terri said...


    I'm sure this is not the correct place to post this, but can you tell me how you seal your hair during the winter when your hair is cornrow.

    Thank you.

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