Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010

Hi ladies,

I think it will be helpful to know what caused each setback in the video above. Hopefully, I will save someone else from having a setback.

December 2006 - Protein overload.

I used Nexxus Emergence and Nexxus Keraphix at the same time. My hair turned into straw and started breaking instantly. This was the first time I learned that protein overload is a very real thing. Follow up protein with moisture, not more protein.

August 2007 - Henna and Indigo disaster.

I tried to color my hair black using henna and indigo. The problem was a combination of things, but I think the main issue was that I used pectin (product used to make jelly and jam) to thicken up the indigo so it would be less messy. My hair again got hard and started breaking like crazy.

January 2008 - Amla Oil as an overnight oil treatment.

I used amla oil before with no problems, but this time I left it in overnight. When I woke up my hair felt hard. I washed as usual, but it got tangled starting about 3" from my scalp. It took me hours to detangle and I lost a lot of hair.

September 2008 - Rough Stylist.

I went to a new stylist and she broke all my hair rules, and gave me with a setback. Namely, she overlapped the relaxer by 4", rubbed my hair while rinsing (which made it tangled), combed from roots to ends, and she was very rough with my hair. I kept telling her to be careful, and she assured me my hair was fine. I suspect that she assumed that my hair could take the rough handling because of the length. When I got home and saw the damage, I called the salon and met with the manager who refunded my $130.

I hope this helps.

Happy Growing.


LaQT said...

Your hair journey is very inspirational

arlenie2 said...

I have gone to bad hair dressers too, sometimes if they dont have no hair they dont exactly want someone else having some.

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