Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


Relaxer Day Pictures

Hi friends!

Sorry for the delay.  My internet has been malfunctioning all week; it is reminiscent of dial-up service circa 1998.  Anyway, without further adieu...

Here are the pictures of my blow dried and flat ironed hair. 

                                      July 2010                                      

 May 2010
I'm inclined to say that in the July picture, my hair was more spread across my back, thus making my ends appear thinner.  But I'm not sure if that is me trying to rationalize in order to feel better (lol). What do you think?  

On a positive note, I'm excited that my July flat ironed hair, has the same sheen as the May flat ironed hair, when my stylist did it.  I'm getting better at flat ironing my own hair.   

I already told my stylist that if my next relaxer causes thinning, then I'll be making the trip to DC every 3 months so she can do it.  She agreed that if I'm losing progress, then I should go back to her.  Isn't she awesome? Few people comprehend my hair journey.  But, I've been going to her since 2004, so she has witnessed my progress and setbacks.


"Haute Girl" said...

It looks a bit thinner at the ends but still gorgeous...well done!

Traycee said...

Wow... Your hair looks GREAT !!! You ends look so much thicker... Thanks for the inspiration !!

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