Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


10 Weeks Post Relaxer Update

I'm currently 10 weeks post and my newgrowth is actually manageable right now.  I planned to do my relaxer this weekend but my scalp started itching, and I'm sure I scratched it while I was asleep.  So in the interest of not having scalp burns, I'm going to wash my hair today and then apply my relaxer next weekend.  That will put me at 11 weeks post, which is well within my goal range of relaxing every 10-12 weeks.

I also bought a new length check t-shirt, so I can better track my growth progress.  I'll take lots of pictures and will try to record some video as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi, your blog is very helpful and your hair is beautiful. You are an insportation. just 1 wk ago, I made the decision to stop wearing braids and start taking better care of my hair. My hair is about shoulder length when stretched. I want to texlax my hair myself and was just wondering if you had any tips for treatments I should do before or after I texlax, also if you could recommend brand of relaxer I could use, would appreciate it with any other advice. mhy scalp has been itchy, should I wait another wk? thx

MsKibibi said...

If you have never relaxed your own hair before, then I suggest you practice with conditioner to get the timing right. If your scalp is itchy, wash your hair and then wait a week after you wash it to apply your relaxer. If you just wait a week without washing, chances are the itching will just get worse. As for relaxers, I've only used Affirm since 2004 so I'm not really able to recommend a brand. I'm sure that the box relaxers I used before then have changed and new brands have come out. That said, I have read great reviews about Silk Elements Relaxer (sold at Sally's).

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