Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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The Search for the Perfect Wig, Part 2

In Part 1 of The Search for the Perfect Wig, I discussed what I am looking for in a human hair lace wig.  Here is what I learned about getting each of my requirements met.

Types of Lace Wigs.  There are mainly two types of lace wigs available - full lace and lace front.  A full lace wig has a cap that is made almost entirely with lace, and allows you to wear a high ponytail.  A lace front wig is has a few inches of lace in the front of the wig, and weft tracks in the back of the wig.   

  1. Durability - The type of lace used is essential to how durable the wig will be.  There are two main types of lace used - French and Swiss.  French lace is considered the most durable, but the durability comes at the expense of not being as invisible on your skin.  Swiss lace is less durable than French, but is undetectable against your skin.  I plan to use my own hair line, so whether the lace disappears on my skin is irrelevant to me.  Thus, I chose French lace.   
  2. Length - The longer the hair, the more it costs.  I feared getting a shorter length and then "outgrowing" it, which would then require me to buy another wig in the future.  So I chose the 20" long wig.  I figured that if it is too long, then I can trim it but if its a little shorter, then it won't be such a big deal.  
  3. Texture - For the most part, the human hair used in lace wigs are either Indian, Chinese, Italian, or Malaysian.  In its natural state, these hair types are straight and silky.  Fortunately, manufacturers have developed a process where they can alter the texture of the natural hair to resemble relaxed type 4 hair.  Hair that has been process to have a relaxed texture are categorized as light yaki, yaki, and coarse yaki.   
    1. Here are examples of yaki textured human hair:

      Light Yaki/Yaki

      Coarse Yaki

  4. Maintenance - Full lace wigs require more maintenance than lace front wigs, because the lace is delicate and can tear.  Minor tears can usually be repaired at home with a needle and clear thread.  With repeated washes, the hair on a full lace wig is also more prone to shedding.  To minimize shedding, a knot sealer should be sprayed under the lace cap after each wash.  Also, it is recommended that you use a fray block on the lace, after you cut it to reduce shedding along the hairline.  All human hair wigs should be shampooed,  conditioned, and moisturized to prevent excess damage to the hair.  I decided to get a lace front wig because it requires less maintenance, and is more durable that a full lace wig.      
  5. Style - All human hair wigs can be styled with flat irons, and curling irons.  However, as with your real hair, it is important to use heat protectants when styling your human hair wig.   
  6. Application (*New category*) - Most people who wear lace wigs, apply the wig with an adhesive (tape or liquid glue).  I am not comfortable with using an adhesive, so I plan to attach hair pins to the inside of the wig to secure it to my head.  Wig clips can also be sewn into the cap of the wig, but I prefer the no tension hold of my hair pins.    
In summation, I chose a human hair, lace front wig that is made with french lace, and has a yaki texture.  For me, this was the best option because it offered me the most durable, low maintenance, and realistic looking wig.  

Stay tuned for Part 3, where I will discuss shopping for a lace/lace front wig.  


Earl said...

Great synopsis on the differences on the types of lace wigs. The coarse yaki looks like one of those motown tress wigs.

Nicky said...

Very interesting write up. I accidentally discovered the post while desperately searching for natural looking wigs but your views held my interest to read the entire article. I must say I was disappointed that I had to wait to read about shopping for wigs since this was the information I needed most. So write soon and good luck.

Anonymous said...

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