Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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Steam + Hair = Healthier Hair

 My hair steamer

Hi friends!

When I started my hair journey, I used different forms of heat to deep condition my hair.  Including a hood dryer, and heat cap.  After I learned about the benefits of using steam over using a dryer/heat cap, I decided to buy a hair steamer.

Hair steamers are more beneficial because they use moist heat, as opposed to dryers/heat caps which use dry heat.  The moist heat offers an added benefit to your hair by infusing moisture into your strands.  Here are some other benefits of using steam:
  • Increased scalp circulation, which aids hair growth,
  • Helps deep conditioners to penetrate hair faster and better,
  • Reduces dryness and breakage,
  • Faster hair color treatments, and
  • Makes the hair softer and reduces tangling.
I also use my hair steamer as a face steamer, when I'm doing an at-home facial.

An alternative to using a hair steamer, is to use the steam room at your gym.  After your workout, add some conditioner to your wet or dry hair, and sit in the steam room for 15-20 minutes.


Steam Rooms and Saunas said...

Your hair is not the only thing that will benefit from a steam room. The warmth in the steam room will help relax your muscles, while the steam helps to clear up any respiratory congestion you may have.

It seems like a win-win to use the steam room, regardless of your initial reason. :)

MsKibibi said...

Thanks for sharing some additional benefits of a steam room. I may need to use a steam room to relax my muscles for ballet.

Basic Woman said...

I have natural hair and recently purchased a steamer. It really enhances my conditioning treatments and makes detangling a breeze!

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