Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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My Growth and Setbacks 2003-2010


My Regimen

Hi friends!

My warm weather regimen is slightly different from my winter regimen, in order to accommodate the humidity and increased manipulation.

Wash Schedule 
  • Wash once every week with diluted shampoo; Clarify at least once a month,
  • Light protein/ reconstructor every week,
  • Deep condition ("DC") every week under my hair steamer,
  • After DC, seal cuticles with low ph product (more details to come),  
  • Apply a liquid, creamy, and serum leave-ins, in that order (the products vary, more details to come),
  • Either air dry, roller set, or blow dry/flat iron to style.
Wash Day Products  - Elucence shampoo (moisturizing and clarifying), Aphogee 2 step Keratin reconstructor or Elucence reconstructor, Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner.

Daily - Moisturize with Bioinfusion Olive Oil Hair Lotion, use coconut oil or jojoba oil to seal.

Relax every 10 - 12 weeks with Affirm lye regular.

That's it!  I keep my regimen very simple and follow it religiously.  The key for my growth retention is consistency.  I will post updates on which products I use, and any modifications I make. 

I love my hair cut, but I'm starting to miss the length.  So, I plan to incorporate growth promotion methods (scalp massage, higher protein intake, etc.) and will post on those as well.


killou.killou said...

thanks for your blog, it is very instructive and you are a true inspiration!!
I would like to know if you use lye or no lye relaxer and why, also the relaxer that you are currently using
Thanks in advance!
sorry for my bad english, I'm french

MsKibibi said...

I use Affirm Regular (lye). No-Lye relaxers leave calcium deposits on your hair that can lead to breakage. Although lye is harsher on your scalp, its better than no-lye for your hair. With proper scalp basing, the lye relaxer won't burn your scalp. I've used Affirm since 2004 and have never had scalp burns.

Garnell Brown said...

Hi MsKibibi,

You do have a georgeous head of healthy hair.
I live in the Bahamas and its relatively warm all year round.

I am relatively new to the healthy hair journey, and I saw in one of your videos that you used at the beginning of your hair journey up to eight pills a day including amino acids. You mentioned a few silica MSM and horsetail they are all I could remember . Could you please let me know what they were and the dosage. I recently had to cut about to inches of hair because of damage, my hair is currently ear length which is short compared to where it was last year. I would like to grow it out as quickly as possible. I am reading your blog as well as many others. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My goal is shoulder length by March 2011 which is my birthday month.

Thank You

MsKibibi said...

Garnell - With the vitamins I named in the video, I would take the suggested dosage on the bottle. You have to be careful with vitamins b/c too much of some vitamins can have adverse effects. Also, make sure to talk to your doctor about vitamins if you take any medications to prevent unwanted interactions.

Anonymous said...

Hi MsKibibi,

I was wondering if you blow dry your hair wet? Someone told me that it is good to let your hair air dry first and then blow dry it. I also want to know if you wear your hair in a protective style everyday?

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