Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...

Coarse Hair, Long Hair is now...
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Countdown to Christmas

I love Christmas. It is the happiest time of the year for me, because some of my best childhood memories are from Christmas in Jamaica. My family would have our own Christmas show at my grandmother's house. Complete with a play about the birth of Christ, dance contest, soda-drinking contest, beauty pageant, gift exchange, and lots of food.  

One great thing about the holiday as a child, was that I got to try different hair styles. I don't recall ever getting my hair hot-combed growing up.  My mom pretty much kept it in styles like this one below.  I think I wore ribbons in my hair almost every day as a child LOL. 

On Christmas day, I got to wear my hair down.  One of my aunts would set my hair so I could wear a curly style.  The curls usually didn't last because of the heat and humidity.  But for the 30 minutes that my style was on point, you couldn't tell me anything. 

This Christmas I plan to wear curls since I wore a wavy style for Thanksgiving.  I'm thinking of using the Curlformers on flat ironed hair.  We will show how it goes.    

Did you get to wear a special hairstyle as a child because it was Christmas?  What are your hair plans for this holiday?     


zealousy said...

I remember Christmas in Jamaica as well, although I'm not that old (only 22 yrs old). My styles were similar to the style in your pic. Once I got to the states, my sister would use the hot come on my either either before Christmas or New Years Eve.
Here's a pic of my hair:

"Haute Girl" said...

OMG !! I grew up in Jamaica too & thats pretty mouch how my hair looked Christmas
was the best in Ja.

Anonymous said...

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Shanel said...

I grew up in St. Thomas and I'm wearing that exact same style in one of my school pictures. I didn't have any special Christmas hairstyles (just ribbons---red and white) and I'm not really doing anything this year. However, for the spirit of Christmas, I might do some loose curls with the Caruso.

jyvette said...

I grew up in The Bahamas and Christmas was always a big celebration. When I was very young, my mother would hot comb my hair and put rollers on the end. I would end up with beautiful curly ponytails that always had ribbons around them. When I got older my mom would have the hairdresser give me a ponytail on top that would have spirals and I would wear the back down. I am thinking of wearing my hair flat ironed for Christmas.

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